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Business Mobile Deals February 2024

Finding a mobile deal with the the optimal fit for your business is difficult. There are many providers, endless manufacturers and models, and discounts that seem too good to be true. In order to choose which business mobile provider would work best for you, first you must decide on a budget, a general idea of how much data your plan would need, and the features you would expect the phone to have. After this, you can go on to research the best deals. Here you will find a compiled list of the best deals in 2022, so that all of the best plans available are seen clearly, and can be compared in detail.

Business Mobile Phone Deals

Business Mobile Contracts

Business mobile contracts offer many benefits for business owners and their staff. In particular, they’re ideal for businesses with remote or hybrid structures or employees who travel frequently.

Business mobile phones allow your team to communicate from anywhere, giving them the flexibility they need. They’re also a great way to ensure that you’re connected with vendors and clients.

With a business mobile contract, you’ll get the latest devices for less than it would cost to rely on personal plans. This means you’ll be able to upgrade your workforce whenever they need to, without having to pay out a significant chunk of change in advance.
You can also set spend caps on your plan to manage your communications costs. This helps you keep your company’s communications costs under control and ensure you’re not wasting money on services or apps you don’t need.

For example, suppose you have a team who are frequently travelling. In that case, a business contract with pop-up mobile hotspots can mean your employees can stay connected in temporary locations like trade shows or exhibitions. They can even use them in moving vehicles, making it easier for your team to communicate with you wherever they are.

Getting your team on the proper business mobile contract will help you save money and improve productivity for your employees. Our easy online tool makes comparing business mobile phone plans quick and simple, helping you find the best deal for your needs.

Tesco Business Mobile Phone Deals

Tesco Business Mobile

Tesco Mobile Limited has a plethora of business contracts for businesses of all sizes and needs. They include SIM only deals for those that opt to use their own devices, as well as a range of mobile phones available if you would rather keep your work and life separate. Tesco are focused heavily on customer satisfaction, which is why customers receive a £20 bonus for the SIM card contracts, and a £50 bonus for the contracts involving a device. This is for business accounts only. Furthermore, there are selected discounts for customers with the Tesco loyalty card, otherwise known as the Clubcard, for example on 25GB data or unlimited data tariffs. These exclusive savings for businesses can make all the difference.


There is currently twelve available SIM only contracts offered by Tesco, each with varying data plans and budgets in mind. Fortunately, all of them include unlimited data and calls using the O2 or Three network, as well as EU roaming. The most basic contract is the one with the least amount of data and therefore more suitable towards new businesses, that do not require as much 4G and it makes sense for their budget. It is the 2GB data plan priced at £7.50 each month, which is an ideal price for small businesses that do not yet have a stable income and solid customers. This comes with the availability to choose between a 24- or 12-month contract. If this is not enough, businesses can opt for the 30GB contract instead, priced at £12.50 per month for a 24-month contract or £15 per month for a 12-month contract. This is more appropriate for medium-sized businesses, as the price point is competitive and the data is sufficient. Lastly, large businesses can choose between 100GB data plans for £17.50 or £20 with 24- or 12-month contracts respectively. However, unlimited data plans are available for businesses that work on the go constantly and aren’t continuously connected to Wi-Fi, for £30 for a 24-month contract or £25 for a 12-month contract. As Tesco Mobile values their loyal customers, there are discounts available for Clubcard holders (the Tesco loyalty card for frequent shoppers), for instance 20% off 30GB and 100GB yearly plans.


Understandably, many employees prefer to have a work phone that is separate to their personal phone. This may be because it is harder to keep track of usage when calls are made and taken from one device, or simply due to professionalism. Either way, Tesco Mobile offers Apple, Samsung and Android phones either pay as you go, or paying monthly. One of the most popular phones is the iPhone 13 by Apple, which launched in the United Kingdom late 2021, making it a relatively new release. There are 12- to 36- month contracts available with 3GB, 6GB, 12GB or unlimited data, which cost £12.50, £15, £17.50, or £20 respectively, and the price of the phone is cheapest when choosing the longest contract with the lowest data. This means that prices can vary from £32.49 to ££79.97. If businesses want to decrease the monthly costs, they can pay towards the phone with an upfront price. Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy A13 is a newer model released March 2022, that has quad cameras and a 15-hour battery. Again, there are 12- to 36- month contracts available to customers, whereby the longer contracts cost less per month, for businesses on a budget. The tariffs are cheaper than the iPhone, as 3GB, 6GB, 12GB or 25GB cost £11.50, £14, £11 and £19. With the longest contract and cheapest tariff, the cost of the phone starts from £11.99 monthly, in contrast to the maximum price of £37.97 with a short contract and high usage data plan. Therefore, this phone is cheaper overall. These monthly prices stay fixed for the duration of the contract, allowing businesses to plan how much money to put aside for their phone contract, expecting reliable monthly bills without any startling rises. This is the most important element of a contract for businesses, so that they can focus on amplifying their profit and minimise the costs of bills.

Three Business Mobile Phone Deals

Three Business Mobile

Three Business Mobile contracts are undoubtably one of the most competitive in the market. This is demonstrated by their price match promise, whereby all tariffs cost the same or less than O2, EE and Vodaphone. Consequently, if business customers find a better plan from a competitor network, Three will match this price and offer a deal for £1 less. In addition to this, all texts and calls are unlimited, and speeds are the same, for their top business deals: business phone, business adapt, and the boundless offer. For businesses that are adamant on paying the lowest price available, Three is one of the best options for a mobile contract.


Currently, there are almost 50 available business mobiles that Three provides, such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia and iPhone. The cheapest options include Alcatel from £7 a month and Nokia X10 from £14 a month, when paying a £5 upfront price. These options are marketed towards small businesses that simply need a functional phone to make calls on, or companies with many employees that would find it difficult to finance every worker with an advanced phone. On the other hand, large businesses with bigger budgets may prefer the Google Pixel 6, from £14 per month with a hefty £270 upfront price, or the iPhone 13 from £24 per month with a £220 upfront price. These deals are often in conjunction with a 36-month contract, which businesses should take this into account. Tariffs depend on which plan is chosen, for example a 3GB data plan will cost significantly less than the 80GB plan, however all include unlimited texts and calls in the UK and Europe. There are also international texts and minutes, starting from 300 minutes, 5000 texts and 3GB data. Customers that are considering expanding globally should take these figures into account, as compared to other network providers, these prices are relatively low.


Business Adapt plans are ideal for businesses that are searching for unlimited packages. They include unlimited texts, calls and data and are categorised based the number of connections a business has. For example, for smaller businesses, the Adapt 25 allows for 25 connections for £199 monthly, whereas the Adapt 50 allows for 50 connections for £389 monthly. These packages include the essential service, including unconditional support from the business team and the Three analyst tool, which provides insight on phone usage costs, and overall reports which can be downloaded at any time. On the other hand, the Adapt 75, Adapt 100 and Adapt 250 are part of the complete service, which cost £579, £769 and £1899 monthly respectively. They are advanced because of their larger capacity for connections and include the same features as the essential service, whilst accommodating to more contacts. These bundles are most often purchased as a 24-month contract, but 12- or 36-month contracts are available for businesses with a different preference; they do not include VAT. It is worth noting that connections can be added at any point of the duration of the contract, which provides space for businesses to grow.


Three acknowledge that larger businesses require more SIMs due to their larger workforce, and this can become costly as your company develops further. Therefore, the more SIMs a business purchases, the higher their discount is. For example, purchasing one SIM costs £15. When purchasing two SIMs, the prices of each SIM is reduced to £10.85. When purchasing over five SIMs, the price of each SIM is reduced to £9.17, and when purchasing over ten SIMs, the price of each SIM is reduced to £8.33. All in all, this is almost a 50% reduction, which large businesses can benefit from. Two plans are available for the boundless offer which both include unlimited texts and calls, in addition to a personal hotspot to use whenever wanting to use your SIM to help connect a different device to your data connection. The difference between these contracts it that they are different durations. The 12-month contract is more expensive, from £17 per month, and the 24-month contract costs £15 per month.

EE Business Mobile Phone Deals

EE Business Mobile

EE mobile contracts for businesses are ideal because no two companies are the same. EE take this into account, and provide many different deals so that each business has a package that will be suitable for their networking needs. This includes unlimited plans, data-only plans and mobile phones. Additionally, EE is a 5G network provider which implies lower latency (under 5 milliseconds) and faster download speeds. This is especially useful for employees that rely on data to upload or download files quickly when they are working on their phone yet not connected to an internet connection.


SIM only plans include unlimited texts and calls, with varying data limitations and durations. There are 6GB, 12GB, 30GB, 60GB, 120GB and unlimited data packages, as well as 30-day, 12-month and 24-month contracts. These can be split into Business Essential and Business Smart. Business Essential plans include the ‘Stay Connected’ promise, allowing users to access data in order to use vital phone application such as Whatsapp, even when they have already exceeded their monthly data allowance. When taking into account the significance of always being available for your customers, businesses should recognise this as a huge advantage. Furthermore, there is EU roaming in 47 countries that use your UK allowance. On the other hand, the Business Smart plans have all of these features and more, which is reflected by their costlier monthly price. The choice of ‘Smart Benefits’ includes roaming in a list of countries, which aids growing businesses in expanding their customer base. There is also 500 free minutes to these locations, and 200 free minutes to use to call Europe.


For the businesses that do not benefit from unlimited texts and calls, there are Business Essential data-only SIMs available. They are cheaper, however only available a 24-month contract, in comparison to the SIM only plans, meaning that businesses must commit to the package. There are five plans available. The most basic plan provides 3GB of data for £7 per month, which is aimed at small businesses. After this, the 12GB data package is priced at £11 per month, and the 30GB data package is priced at £12 per month. Most likely, medium-sized businesses can benefit from these packages, as they provide a large amount of data coverage at a low cost. Finally, large businesses should look at the 60GB data package, priced at £15 per month. This is sufficient data for comfortable uploading and downloading, communicating through internet-based applications, and simply browsing. Nevertheless, some businesses prefer the comfort of knowing that their data is unlimited, which is where the unlimited plan, priced at £30 monthly, should be considered. However, this plan is only cost-efficient for users that rely heavily on their phone’s data allowance, such as those working in IT, or social media managers.


EE offer a variety of mobile phones to businesses, catering to both small and large companies with varying budgets. The most prevalently purchased phones are Apple, Samsung and Google. Small businesses often require lower capacity mobile phones, as there is less data to store, and a 4G network has sufficient speeds for employees to communicate with customers and colleagues. An example of this is the iPhone 11, which is available at 64GB capacity and 30GB data allowance, from £38 monthly with an upfront price of £8. This is the recommended plan. Conversely, some businesses require a high-capacity phone with a 5G network, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. This mobile has a 512GB capacity, and the 120GB data allowance recommended plan by EE costs £99 monthly, with a £8 upfront price. Employees this might benefit include supervisors, managers and more experienced members of staff, that have a larger range of job responsibilities and manage multiple workers. As the phone is more advanced, users can communicate with more contacts and do so faster, making their job easier. EE offer phones from 4GB to 1024GB capacity, both 4G and 5G networks and over ten manufactures from which businesses can choose, in addition to their promotional offers which change according to season and demand.

02 Business Mobile Phone Deals

02 Business Mobile

O2 business mobile contracts are specially designed for small businesses, classed as under 10 employees. Their tariffs have unlimited texts and minutes included so that employees do not need to worry about rushing through phone conversations or sending packed texts. Businesses are also free to choose how much data they need so that they can keep to their budget, without needing any more or less. Furthermore, the data can be rolled over to the next month if not all of it is used, so that businesses are not paying for data they don’t use. All tariffs are 5G enable in areas where the network is available, as well as allowing clients to use their UK allowances in countries within the European zone.


The SIM only deals for O2 Business Mobile contracts can be classified in three ways: 30-day, 12 month, and 24-month. For businesses new to O2, it may be worthwhile opting for the one-month rolling contract to try out the network and whether it works for them, both in terms of the service and the tariff. After this, they can decide more confidently on a longer contract that has already been tried and approved. For 30-day tariffs, data is available from 1GB, 6GB, 20GB, 50GB, for £16.80, £19.20, £24 and £28.80 per month including VAT respectively. All of these packs include free O2 Wi-Fi; however, the bigger packs include data rollover and 500 UK to EU minutes. On the other hand, if a business prefers a 12-month contract, the tariffs are cheaper. The 1GB, 6GB, 20GB and 50GB contracts cost £14.40, £15.60, £21.60, and £24 per month, demonstrating that you are given more for your money, because of the loyalty to the company. For the one-year contract there is also the possibility to choose an unlimited data plan for £31.20, especially useful for large businesses that rely on data to communicate with their customers, particularly those with a large clientele. Lastly, customers can choose a 24-month contract, so that there is security in the plan and they do not have to worry about the network provider arrangements until this runs out. The plans for 1GB, 6GB, 40GB, 50GB, and unlimited data cost £12, £13.20, £19.20, £21.60, and £28.80 per month respectively, and unfortunately there is no option for 20GB. All plans include unlimited texts and minutes.


O2 additionally offer mobile phones for business customers, as some companies provide this package for their employees. Because the rates as so competitive, this helps businesses gain workers, because it is a benefit to them. A popular example of this is the iPhone SE 3rd generation, which most O2 customers choose. When customers pay £10 upfront, they can choose between a 3GB, 6GB, 20GB, 70GB, or unlimited bundles for £36, £39.60, £43.20, £46.80, or £51.60 per month. This is for a 24-month contract; hence the monthly prices can be reduced when opting for a longer contract such as the 360month.


If you are set on a pack that does not fully satisfy you, or you are worried about running out before the month ends, O2 offer ‘bolt-ons’. Essentially, these boosts are a one-off payment made which lasts 30 days, whenever you decide that it is necessary. Extra data can be added as little as 100MB or 500MB for £2.50 or £5, whenever a slight boost is needed, for example on the last day of your monthly contract. Alternatively, 1GB or 2GB can be added for £8.33 or £12.50, if there happens to be a month in which a customer uses more data than usual, and there is a long time until the pack renews. Furthermore, add-ons in the form of international minutes can be helpful for businesses aiming to expand into other territories. These add-ons include Ireland, Europe, or all of these countries and more. Similarly, this can be used for worldwide texts, in order to contact customers globally. As a result, you can comfortably communicate around the world, and if this is worrying for employers they can introduce a spending cap, so that the monthly allowance is not exceeded.

Vodaphone Business Mobile Phone Deals

Vodafone Business Mobile

Vodaphone is a British provider of business mobile phone contracts, working predominantly in Europe to ensure that all businesses have access to an affordable, flexible phone plan. Their main packages include SIM only, unlimited data, and business mobile, which cover all needs that a company of any size may have. Moreover, there are multiple boosts to add onto existing plans, making them customisable so that employees have sufficient texts, minutes, data and support in order to effectively connect with clients, and pass information onto colleagues. Communication is an integral part of a successfully developing business, therefore having a unique phone contract is vital.


SIM only deals are ideal for businesses that need texts, minutes and calls, but not necessarily a mobile phone. This is a less expensive option for smaller businesses, as there is the advantage of having a separate SIM for work, without having to carry around two phones. Contracts are available for 30 days, 12 months and 24 months, depending on the preference of the company and how fixed they are on a contract. Data is available for 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 6GB, 20GB and unlimited so that there is an option for all businesses, whether they use data every day, or rarely and in emergencies. Prices vary from £11 to £47 depending on the length of the contract, the speeds of downloads, and the extras. For instance, some plans offer to fastest available download speed, roaming, data boosters, and entertainment such as Spotify, whilst others have slower download speeds and no extra features.


Understandably, there are companies that find unlimited data essential. This could be because they have a VoIP business phone, and rely on a constant and strong connection the internet, or it could be because of the demanding nature of the job. Either way, unlimited data plans are incredibly useful in these situations. Vodaphone offer three: Unlimited LITE, Unlimited and Unlimited MAX. Unlimited LITE is a basic package including unlimited texts, calls and data at 2Mbps download speed, and although this is not the fastest, it is the cheapest at around £19 per month. However, if a business requires faster connection, the Unlimited package has speeds of 10Mbps, which is recommended, at around £22.50 per month. Lastly, the Unlimited Max plan provides the maximum download speed available dependent on location and phone at around £27 per month. All of these packages include VeryMe rewards, which are specific to Vodaphone. Essentially, VeryMe is a loyalty program whereby customers can win treats such as gift cards, and a variety of prizes based on the individual. Vodaphone customers therefore feel more valued, which reflects Vodaphone’s ethos.


Vodaphone work with many manufactures in order to provide an array of business mobile phones suitable for all customers. For small businesses particularly, there are two phones that Vodaphone recommends. The first is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, that has a Super Retina XDR display and advanced photography software. Storage begins from 128GB, which is most compatible with a small business, however can reach upto 1TB capacity for larger businesses that store more data and contacts on their phone. The longer you pay upfront, the less the monthly payment is, the lowest possible option being £23 monthly plus a £24 one-time fee. Another Vodaphone favourite is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, offering storage between 128GB and 512GB. Key features concerning this phone include the impressively long battery time, and super-fast processor which is efficient for productivity.


A notable add-on to existing plans is the ‘One Net Anywhere’ feature, from £10 per month. When calling customers, you can convert to a landline number which your business will be given, increasing the pick-up rate of receivers. Additionally, insurance is often overlooked when searching for mobile phone contracts. This is important because insurance ensures that all data from your business phone is saved in the event that it is lost or stolen, as well as promptly delivering a new device to use so that normal business operations are not hindered. Not only does this guarantee that customers will be reachable at all times, but it also creates peace of mind for the users.

Sky Business Mobile Phone Deals

Sky Business Mobile

Sky UK is one of the major telephone providers that offers mobile phone services to businesses looking for the latest release phones, cost-efficient deals and customised bundles. Their mobile packages range from a sufficient data and low prices for smaller businesses, to fast speed connections and advanced phone technologies that larger businesses seek. Sky supply Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, SPACETALK, Doro and Fairphone mobiles depending on the capacity, model and series that businesses are looking for, combining them with reasonably priced SIM plans.


Sky offer a range of data options for SIM only packages with unlimited texts and minutes, and a series of data allowances. For microbusinesses, new businesses, or businesses with employees that are not continuously involved with using high-data software’s, packages for 2GB of data costs £6 per month, and 3GB of data costs £7 per month. These plans are adequate for minimal day-to-day usage of data, but will likely need to be upgraded within the first few months of a developing business. For small businesses, 8GB of data costs £9 per month, and 12GB of data costs £12 per month. Browsing through sites, downloading or uploading files, and communication with clients and colleagues can be achieved easily with these bundles, especially if workers rely more on texts and calls to contact connections. For medium-sized businesses, 25GB costs £15 per month. This is a competitively low price for such a high amount of data, although growing businesses with potential may need more, therefore it is important to consider the duration of the contract. Sometimes, it is best to opt for the shortest option. Lastly, the biggest SIM only bundle that Sky offer is with 50GB of data, which costs £25 per month. Unfortunately, Sky do not offer unlimited data, therefore large businesses may consider a different provider. Nonetheless, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit. There are plentiful reasons why Sky Mobile is a reputable business mobile provider. The main benefit is that the contracts are fixed price, and there are no changes during the period of the agreement; this allows businesses to plan ahead of their finances. Furthermore, the plan can be upgraded or changed before the contract is over, allowing businesses to develop without hindering their progress with data restrictions. Another advantage is the data rollover, as any unused data can be forwarded onto the next month of allowances.


Sky Mobile have hundreds of mobile phones in their digital catalogue, all with 5G network ensuring low latency and high speeds. This makes Sky unique. Additionally, have coverage in almost all locations in the UK. One of the most recommended phones by Sky Mobile is the Apple iPhone 12, available from only £21 per month with no upfront cost, for a 24-month contract and 64GB of space. If this capacity is too low for your business, there is also 128GB and 256GB with a higher monthly fee, or a 12-month contract if you are not willing to commit to a business phone for two years. Similarly, if you are looking for an Apple product with comparable features but higher storage, the iPhone 13 is recommended and priced from £24 per month for 128GB capacity. The maximum capacity is 512GB, which is beneficial to high-ranking members of staff such as managers, because there is more space for the information of all customers and colleagues. Instead of an expensive Apple model, businesses can also choose from a variety of Samsung mobiles. The Samsung Galaxy A22 is available only with 64GB storage, for £10 per month if chosen with a 24-month contract. It has a 6.6” screen, and 5MP camera, so that downloading or taking videos is faster and clearer. For smaller businesses, this phone or those similar are more beneficial, as spending revenue on higher priced phones is not cost-efficient or necessary at this stage. All in all, many things must be taken into account when purchasing a business phone. Arguably the most important element of this decision is the price point and capacity, so that businesses are minimising their expenses whilst broadening their customer circle.

Business Mobiles: Conclusion

To summarize, there are many mobile phone providers for businesses, and hundreds of deals available in 2023. It is vital to understand what your business requires, so that you do not pay large expenses for features that you do not use, or conversely are not getting enough out of your business phone.

James Ward
( CEO & Founder )

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